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Here you can download PDF version of our catalog with technical information about apartments in Florimont.
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Why invest in Bulgaria?


Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union has already started bringing in substantial funding for the development of infrastructure, trade and commerce turning an already thriving tourist market into the leading sector of Bulgarian economy.

Traditionally, the property markets of all new EU members credited directly from the increased stability and access to financing – a fact that can be easily witnessed in the amount of foreign investment that the “all-season resort” of Bansko has already enjoyed in recent years.

  • By 2013 Bulgaria will receive more than 11 billion Euro subsidies from EU funds, the majority of which will be used for key improvements in infrastructure and telecommunication
  • Bulgarian currency is tied to the Euro in advance of the country’s joining the Euro zone in 2009-2010
  • The new Open Skies agreement enables budget airlines to offer low cost flights to Bulgaria  
  • Major tour operators like Thomson and Balkan Holidays channel a huge demand for quality rentals and booming of real-estate value
  • Low cost of living
  • Capital appreciation per year based on the first 3 years experience of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Latvia after EU accession ranges between 13%-19%
  • 6,1 million tourists are expected to visit Bulgaria in 2008

The combination of all these factors with the low corporate tax in Bulgaria and the benefits that only an emerging real-estate market identical to the Spanish one 20 years ago can offer create the most favorable political and economic environment for a successful long-term off-plan investment with huge potential for capital growth in the proximity of a top-class golf course.    

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