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Here you can download PDF version of our catalog with technical information about apartments in Florimont.
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Here you can download a short movie, representing the interior furnishing of apartments in Florimont.
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Objects in Florimont

Florimont has six three-storey sections, each one with its own entrance.

Floor 3

Name Total Status
A17 | 2-bedroom 59.41 m2 Available
A18 | 2-bedroom 60.28 m2 Available
A19 | 2-bedroom 77.11 m2 Available
A20 | 2-bedroom 78.26 m2 Available
A21 | 2-bedroom 61.18 m2 Available
A22a | 2-bedroom 61.18 m2 Available
A22b | 2-bedroom 61.18 m2 Available
A23 | 2-bedroom --- m2
A24 | 2-bedroom --- m2
A25 | 2-bedroom --- m2
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